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There are other web pages on this website, that are devoted to others exposing the plans of the people behind the New World Order.  The journalists who are uniting together to form a coalition of Resistance against the Coming Beast Empire, are committed to spreading the Word across the globe, so as to prepare people, get them to wake up and resist.  As is shown in the protests in the Middle East: Egypt, Tunisia, etc, it is possible for people to rise up, and dissent against injustice and collusion of the Elite Rich men that rule the world.  This page will be devoted to proving that clear fact.  For example:

THE KEISER REPORT on R.T TV channel- A respectable and credible reportage program by Max Keiser, former investment banker, exposing the injustices of Economic, Political and Banking cartels. He has well respected guests on the program discussing and exposing the crimes in the world of money and the global economy.

ON THE EDGE - Max Keiser again, but on Press TV channel.  Similar content to the above, but with more social implications.

CONTROVERSIAL TV -(SLIGHTLY WACKY) off beat-probably not as credible, but interesting with some credible guests, some not so credible.  The problem is that Controversial TV, is  a channel that features, Psychics, supernatural posers, New Age fanatics, and the like, that destroy the credibility of VALID Journalism featured on the programme.

PRISONPLANET.COM - Alex Jones brilliant website, producer of many films and vides exposing the Secret Society complex of the New World Order Globalist Elite.

 -Steve Quayle -  Many videos on Youtube with his in depth research

-Tom Horn - Author of scientific exposes of the scientific community.

Chuck Missler -  Very good at doing presentations and has many videos with good scholarly work showing prophecy on Endtimes and the Coming of the AntiChrist.

more to follow...

I will list journalists and reporters, programmes and TV channels that are producing programmes or publishing articles, like myself, in order to get people to revolt against tyranny, oppression, slavery and population control, amongst other things.

Please check on this website every 2 weeks for further updates.

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