The truth about the global ECONOMIC situation is discussed in PROJECT EGYPT.  What can be done to combat the advancing global currency (Mark) of the coming Global Beast Empire.  This New World Order plans to divide up the planet into regions and then enforce a single currency to buy and sell with, as prophesied in Revelations 13 of the Bible.

After studying Economics for 2 years, I believe GOD was telling me how to inform, help plan for and protect the church from the oncoming oppressive monetary system.  GOD revealed to me how the world would plunge into a deep dark recession first and certain engineered events would bring about the gradual stages for this global money system.  In order to understand this, I had to learn ho Economics works, then Banking.  I learned this and am now researching Banking.  I learned how business systems and the stock market worked, then investing-which I am delving into deeper.

side note:

Originally, this all started in 2002 when I was trying to figure out why our endowment policy was not paying off our mortgage as much as I thought.  I saw how it was all going to the Fund Manager of the Insurance company for his fee and commission mostly.  We got one pf those letters saying there was a deficit due to poor stock market performance etc.  When we went to re mortgage, I couldn't understand a word the advisor was saying.  it was then that I decided to become a mortgage expert, and learned everything about mortgages, and then learned about the stock market, shares, and basic investing.  By 2003 I was confident the banks could not deceive me regarding mortgages.  And chose the best option I could find a the time, knowing I knew what I was getting into.  GOD made sure I knew to fix the interest rate each time I re mortgaged in a part and part mortgage to help clear the balance yet afford the monthly repayments.

The next 2 years: 2004-2005, I learned mostly about Shares and Savings and Interest Rates etc.  I saw that there was going to be a recession sooner or later after learning from other Christian Financial sources.  As everybody knows the property market was on fire , and everybody was buying real estate and properties to get rich quick and save a nest egg for retirement.  Although I was curious about it, GOD made sure I did not touch it.  And we did not move house and kept the same size mortgage each time the 2 year fixed ran out.  Why am I telling you all this?

Just to show you how GOD looked after us, ensuring I was informed and did not let the banks deceive me and put us into more debt.  

In 2006, I was preparing to release my movie trailer (see MY FILMS) after finishing editing it-finally!  Illness and computer problems had delayed me, and after 8 years from writing the original novel and embarking on the screenplay, I was ready to market it for production. But then I was struck with agonising pain in October that year, and suffered incredibly to the point of considering suicide to escape the pain.  I cried out to GOD, and he heard me.  I finally got a diagnosis of Neuropathy from complications due to UNDIAGNOSED Diabetes Type II.

I spent the next 2 years recovering from the pain and trying to cope with severe depression with the other illnesses-which included Vitligo also getting worse.  In the meantime I learned about Economics and Setting up Businesses, and how corporations work.  I only recently managed to get a handle on the blood sugar control and trying to re gain the bodyweight-muscle that I lost from having to cut out simple carbs and all white sugar from my diet.  I went on a strict rabbit food diet :) After learning how and what to eat (low GI diet) I have managed to re gain half a stone in muscle, and still control my blood sugar Thank GOD.  I still get the neuropathy when tired or b.s is too high/low.  I finished my Economics study recently this year April 2009.

Now I am researching Accounting and Banking, as in International and Commercial.  Interestingly, this world recession hit last year 2008, and has got worse in 2009 and the full impact of the damage to peoples lives and each country's economy is becoming more and more apparent each day.  But how did this all happen. This is what GOD has been showing me...

In 2009 I have learned how the intelligence world works for the economic interests of the elite super wealthy who join secret societies in order to,  " gain the whole world, yet lose their soul's."  I am learning how each apparently unrelated study is connecting the dots and they all "lead to Rome/Babylon/Egypt".  

"And the city was divided into three", Religious, Political, and Economic (all enforced by the Military)

The objective of Project Egypt (the Economic side is to) teach people about the truth about global banking and the lies Economists teach about how money is not made-only transferred.  This lie has made the greed of men cause so much suffering and misery in the world today.  Also how to trade and barter and form our (the church) own barter-trade system or currency that will not succumb to the banking cartels (see "Masters of Money" docu-video on You tube about why this is important).

Educating the church and those who will not take The Mark is the aim of this project.  This has some overlap with the other projects on this website.  Creating a system before it is too late is essential to the survival.  Trade and Barter will take care of most of the problem, but a currency that we can use outside of this Mark, I feel is a good idea also.  I hope that this is from GOD and that it will save lives.  The main thing of course is that people do not die without giving their lives to Christ, but in the Great Tribulation, the emphasis is on Keeping the faith in the midst of affliction and persecution.  Being hunted down and forced to worship the devils ambassador-the anti Christ, is something only Christians who believe in The Bible will be able to imagine happening.  For the rest it is pure fable, and inconceivable.

I do hope of course that we do get Raptured BEFORE it all goes down, but this is just in case.  There are differing opinions about the "being caught up" timing, from different credible Christians, so I want the church to Be safe rather than Sorry,  Besides, GOD always sends hid prophets to warn people of what is coming.  As said before the issue is not about getting saved in the G.Trib,  the issue is about not giving up the faith due to some grand delusion fake miracle or persecution, but to endure.

The exact procedure for setting up a church currency or a trade system will be outlined in the weeks to come.

I hope this has not been too boring a read.  And remember that, if you are not Saved yet (a Christian), then there is always today and NOW.  Just ask JESUS to reveal himself and ask GOD to talk to you and prove that He is REAL, and ask HIM for forgiveness of your sins, and ask JESUS to wash then away with His Holy Precious Blood, and you will be set free, and SAVED, and can commence on the destiny that GOD has planned for you-you will be working for JESUS from then on, and you will be His Servant and Warrior for GOD.

Until next time, Stay Faithful and Keep Believing.  For we are More than Conquerors in Christ.  Be anxious for Nothing.  Nothing but Goodness and Mercy shall follow You for the rest of your Life. Be strong in The LORD and The Power of HIS Might!

Love Peace and Brotherhood