Project Exodus is named after the Israelites that fled Egypt when God led them via Moses into the wilderness for 40 years until they came to the Promised Land (Canaan).  This Project is about exactly how to Flee and Escape the coming Flood of The anti Christ's New World Order (Beast Empire).  Although most Christians believe that JESUS will Rapture them before this occurs, I am of the belief that this may not be the case-at least not until after The Beginning of Sorrows.  There are 4 main events or periods that the bible speaks of which imply bad things happening :

Signs of The End of The Age

Beginning of Woes/Sorrows

The Great Tribulation ( Satan's Wrath)

The Day of The LORD (HIS Wrath)

I am not sure which of these Christians will go through, myself, but whatever period, I think it is a good idea to prepare.

The reason I say this, is because History repeats itself and The Book of Maccabees shows us that the forerunner to the anti Christ, Antiochus Epiphanes, caused the Israelites (Israelites=Jews and other remaining tribes), who were loyal to GOD, to run to the hills and flee, or/and to fight.  The rest capitulated, renounced GOD, and became GREEK in worship, and in lifestyle. These traitors were rewarded by the Greeks with wealth and privileges-especially if they could convince the other Israelites to follow them.  They began to worship the Greek gods-Zeus etc, and allowed the Greeks to defile the Temple.  (More on this in Project Maccabbees)


Project Exodus is the PLAN to rescue and save as many people as possible from the coming persecutions and slaughter of those who follow GOD and His Son.  The Plan will be laid out in general.  Obviously,  it will not be elaborated on here, for safety sake.  The idea is to get Christians used to the idea that planning and preparation may be necessary to help others escape.  Hiding places and sanctuaries, of which The LORD shall provide, and the means to get to them, will be made known, to the ones who will have to flee.  

I know this is a controversial subject, and many may think that it is too much like the militant cults in the American Midwest who want to take over the government and try to topple the NWO, but it is not like that.  This is about survival, not changing the government.  Notice JESUS words about pregnant women who may have to flee, or those fleeing on the Sabbath.  This refers to JEWS, regarding the Roman invasion in AD 70, some may say.  Maybe so.  But history repeats itself.  The Jews have a word for it: Pesher or Midrash.  Look it up.  Its very important if you want to know prophecy.  I interpret this as a pointer for ALL of GODS people-Church and Chosen people.  This is my humble opinion.

On that note.  Stay posted for more updates on this matter over the coming weeks and months. 

Take Care in Christ.