Project Joseph (pJ) is a course of action that lists tasks and actions to be carried out in preparation for what is coming on the world, prophesied in the Bible. (Revelations, Ezekiel, Daniel, Micah, Zechariah, Psalms, etc).

It all started was I was reading the Bible.  I think it was the Book of Revelations, about the 3 and a half year Great Tribulation, and the other 3 and a half years before it.  JESUS said that there would be something called the beginning of sorrows before the end of the current system of the world, before HIS RETURN.

Then it came to me, about the FAMINE OF EGYPT, FOR 7 YEARS, IN THE STORY OF JOSEPH.

I did not know at the time, that it was GOD who put that thought in my head, but it suddenly made sense.  I had not seen it before.  This was about 7 or 8 years ago.  But I thought about the measures JOSEPH took in order to prepare for the 7 years famine, and it came to me if this was a PARALLEL WITH THE GREAT TRIBULATION.   So I read chapters 37-50, and it seemed to leap out at me that this was TRUE and WAS COMING. 

I told a couple of people (my cousin Errol and my sister Sharon), at the time, but then did not know if it was just me, speculating, or if GOD was trying to tell me something, and if so, WHAT?  Was HE trying to WARN me, or tell me to WARN others?...

I put it in the back of my mind for several months...then I got a brochure through the door from ELLEL MINISTRIES ( Peter Horrobin's Organisation), with whom I had been in contact with regarding my own poor health and possible demonic affliction, etc).

On the front page of the newsletter, read paragraphs of what happened in their prayer team while fasting and praying. Apparently GOD had spoken to them telling them to PREPARE FOR WHAT IS COMING, USING THE STORY OF JOSEPH AS THE REVELATION FOR THIS!  to store grain, supplies, etc

-That GOD would raise up leaders and protectors, like Joseph, to provide and look after the people (GODS CHURCH and THE JEWS-BOTH), to prepare for what is coming soon on the earth and in the world.

Now, I know that Ellel can be a bit experienced based, and I wondered sometimes if they were being deceived by the stuff that demons, whom they are casting out, tell them.   So, I reserved some scepticism.  But these people are GODS Prayer warriors and have discernmen, and I believe, in this case this was from GOD, so I took this as a sign from GOD, as confirmation, that what HE had REVEALED To me, WAS TRUE.

Since then, I have had other confirming news, or hints that this is to be the case, and with what is going on in the world, on the news, and in mine and others lives, I feel that We MUST PREPARE.

I am not totally certain about everything yet, I am only clear about several things, relating to the MARK OF THE BEAST:

That it would be wise and prudent to become as self sufficient as possible by :

1) growing your own food ASAP

2) getting water filtration devices

3) supplies and resources

4) tools for making things / fixing things

5) things to take if on the run,

The reason for this, is that when they bring that currency in which no one can buy or sell except with it (MARK OF THE BEAST), THEN THIS IDENTIFICATION-CURRENCY-PASS WILL FORCE PEOPLE TO TAKE IT, BECAUSE IN ORDER TO SURVIVE AND LIVE, THEY WILL HAVE NO CHOICE.

I must admit, nobody knows what the Mark is for sure,  But logic and deductive reasoning tell us that it will be some type of currency, identification pass, and seal of ownership (owned by Satan and his Anti-Christ-World Leader).


The Beast is usually the name given to the Anti-Christ, but we know that wherever beasts are mentioned in prophecy, it refers to an empire/kingdom.  And this Empire (beast), will be GLOBAL, before JESUS RETURNS. (unless you believe in the pre-trib rapture-where we will be taken up before !)

So what does that mean for Christians, Jews and non Christians/Jews living now and then, when it happens?

Well, most Christians have been taught by 90% of the churches teachers, that we will be caught up in the air BEFORE THIS ALL HAPPENS, AND WE NEED NOT WORRY ABOUT PREPARING OR RESISTING THE MARK etc.  I hope that is true, I really do.  But there is equal if not more Biblical proof that Christians will Go Through the first 3 and half years (Beginning of Sorrows), or even THROUGH THE GREAT TRIBULATION (3 and a half years also).

(The speaker, Barry Smith believed in this Mid Tribulation Rapture)


And that leads us back to what this "Project Joseph", and the other Projects are about. Preparing.

GOD raised up Joseph specifically for the task of getting through this 7 year period where there was famine in all the middle east, but GOD was with JOSEPH and TRAINED him to carry out the task he has been born to do, from the time he had his dream , in which his family all bowed to him.  

So, Project Joseph is all about raising up these leaders and putting GODS people in high places of government and the Church, according to GODS will, to get the rest of the Church through the G.T or Beginning of Sorrows periods of 3.5 years.

How do we do this? 


Second, we must be in the Ministry, doing the WILL of GOD daily, listening to HIM, and Acting in  obedience.

Thirdly, we must be GLORIFYING GOD AND BRINGING OTHERS INTO THE KINGDOM, whilst doing our daily pleasurable things and pursuing our personal endeavours or things we enjoy: 





Then GOD will tell us specifically what our tasks/jobs are and place us in/to position/s where we can be used BY HIM, like Joseph was.

I cannot say that GOD will use the Joseph approach on everybody, but each person will have their own work to do that GOD has set for them.

You may already be doing it, but I personally think, GOD will raise up financiers, bankers, businessmen/women, lawyers, teachers, manufacturers, politicians, and other occupations where they will be promoted to be in a position to save lives and intervene by prayer and practically, to save GODS people, in times of persecution and trials, and help the church in many ways.  These people I call "Josephs".

On the other hand there are Christians around the world being imprisoned, persecuted, beaten, maimed, massacred and murdered right now.  Yet it seems that GOD does not intervene.  These people who are tortured for believing in OUR LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST, know that they will SEE HIM and LIVE in ETERNAL HEAVEN, IMMORTAL IN PARADISE, WITH NO MORE TEARS, EVIL OR SUFFERING-Being able to be in The PRESENCE of GOD HIMSELF.

And this is a good reason for us to not put our whole heart into the belief we will be raptured BEFORE the bad stuff-the persecution goes GLOBAL. Because Christians who are righteous and have the purest faith are among those being murdered worldwide for their beliefs, and for trying to Bring THE WORD to the Nations, as JESUS Commanded His Disciples to do.  And for those who believe, to continue destroying the works of the devil (Mark 16) until JESUS returns.

My point is, prepare your heart, by walking with GOD today, now, and practice doing so, so that when this goes GLOBAL (the persecution), if we are not raptured, then you will able, like many others around the world, to face it and stand in the FAITH, and NOT renounce GOD, or JESUS, and take the MARK, and lose your Soul/Salvation, ending up in the Lake of Fire for Eternity.  None of us knows exactly what the rules are.  So Wisdom dictates, it is better to be SAFE than SORRY:

Better to Believe in GOD and His SON and Live your Life HIS WAY, than risk ending up in eternal agony in hell / outer darkness FOREVER.  For this is what happens to those who reject His SON JESUS CHRIST, YOURS and MY SAVIOUR.

Christians have a duty to tell the world about JESUS.  We must not get hung up on our own pitiful attempts at being righteous, or get bogged down and preoccupied with our own self absorbed flaws. I am not suggesting that we carry on sinning or avoid doing what is right, but that the ability to do that comes from living closely to JESUS every minute/second of the day.  When we feel GOD's presence and the LOVE and fellowship of HIS SON, then it is virtually impossible for us to sin.  But that's why the Devil try's so hard to distract us, so we delay or put off : 

our fellow-shipping (communing), 


confessions to GOD,

 our private moments of communication with GOD and HIS MEDIATOR, JESUS CHRIST


thanks and praise

bible study,

which leaves us vulnerable and more likely to sin, or leave ourselves unguarded, so our defences are down.

But then GOD trains us to search for HIM.  By sometimes being distant, so we Look for HIM, but then HE teaches us to always be searching for HIM, this way. But we can get preoccupied with our sins to the point of being ineffective warriors for The LORD.  We must try and spend our TIME and ENERGY and MONEY INVESTING in HIM and OTHERS, bringing them into the KINGDOM and MINISTERING TO THEM, but FIRST WE MUST GET MINISTERED TO, and so GOD will send others to MINISTER to us first/during training periods.  GOD also will make us aware of any weaknesses or flaws in us that need dealing with.  But we must not think of ourselves as righteous because we feel cleansed an do not apparently sin (because we do).

Instead we must put our trust in the righteousness of OUR SAVIOUR and LORD JESUS CHRIST (YESHUA HAH MESHIACH).  And He will correct us in our ways as we DO HIS WILL.  Obeying the Laws of JESUS is being pro active, not waiting until temptation comes along and then getting seduced into doing something we shouldn't. (the devil has work for idle hands!). If we are avoiding the places and the things which distract us from The LORD and His WILL, then it will be much easier for us to PRACTICE HIS WILL,  then if the enemy tempts us or seduces us, we will not want to leave The Presence of GOD, and become tainted by the world or more sin.

Once our clothing has been washed, we like it clean, but the enemy always tempts us by saying "you can just wash it again, so SIN." We obviously do not want to cheapen GODS GRACE GIVEN by The BLOOD of HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST, but the enemy tries to keep your mind off that and focussed on the Rewards of sinning.  How do we stop this mental process of emotional seduction?  : We preoccupy ourselves with GODS WORD/ WILL/WORK each waking hour, so that LIVING For GOD becomes more pleasurable to us than any sin.

See Psalm 1

So let's be BUSY Doing and Acting and Living and Evangelising and ditch the religiousness in favour of RELATIONSHIP with GOD through His SON. Seek JESUS and you will not be sorry, but practice false/ritualistic religion, and you make others sorry as well!  (For more on how to FIND JESUS click on this)

For JEWS, who are not saved by the blood of JESUS, it is unclear exactly what will happen to them, but we do know that they will SEE JESUS as THEIR MESSIAH eventually, although we do not know the exact timing (some do/others disagree).  So we can only pray for the JEWS that they turn to JESUS as their MESSIAH, and TURN back TO GOD, and become less secular and more GODLY, with fear and respect for GOD. Gentiles too!)

The JEWS are told to run to the hills, but I believe that this applies to Christians too, although there is debate on this matter.  Another link will be devoted to that subject later on.

For non Christians/ JEWS, there is only one solution to them, to resist the MARK and die, and maybe (according to the pre-trib rapture believers, get saved, but lose their heads), OR:

 take it, live in service to Satan-the Devil and his Anti-Christ, but Lose your Soul forever in ETERNAL DAMNATION and THE LAKE OF FIRE.  This is very very sad, and every Christian out there should be doing their best to learn how to evangelise to the non believers.  We Christians are not trying to make converts so that they can be like us and believe what we believe just for social conformity and peace...

We do it to try and Save Humans from being thrown in Hell / Outer darkness, and then The Lake of Fire, for those who reject the Forgiveness given FREELY by the Blood of JESUS CHRIST, for sadly that is where they will go.  But the devil has deceived non believers and blinded them to this, unless WE intervene and tell them THE TRUTH about GODS PLAN and HIS LOVE through JESUS CHRIST.

There are Methods to Evangelising, and we must learn them.  But most importantly, we must LIVE OUR LIVES AS CHRISTIANS OUGHT TO, NOT LIKE WORLDLY PEOPLE (the World Empire is called BABYLON the Great HARLOT): "COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE!", GOD cries out to us!

Finally, we must be educating ourselves.  Since learning of what is coming, I have been learning Economics, Accounting, and Investing, as well as all about Trade and barteringAm learning how to also how to get supplies, learning survival skills, and help people on an hourly-daily basis so that they will SEE CHRIST in ME (hopefully!).

 It requires a character overhaul, a deep heart-felt and sincere transformation of one self, that only JESUS CAN DO, and the INFILLING of GODS SPIRIT in our HEARTS and MINDS, that can CLEANSE AND CAST OUT THE CARNAL, HURTING, ANGRY and CORRUPT SELFISH WAYS of OUR HUMAN STATE. Obedience to The Rules and LAWS of the BIBLE alone, cannot do it for us.  WE have to have JESUS CHRIST in our hearts, and seek HIM to transform us into HIS LIKENESS, so we can then OBEY His commandments naturally, because they are WRITTEN in our HEARTS and in Our MINDS.  

Only then can we abide by them by Abiding IN HIM.

There is more to Project Joseph, but some things need to be told to you via GODS spirit, and cannot be put on this web, because the enemy seeks to thwart the Survival Plans of GODS Church and Chosen.

For more info you can contact me or other "Joseph's" out there via: email: truepath667.orange.net

And remember to spread the WORD to believers and anybody wanting to know about CHRIST and GODS plans for the Human RACE, and the New World Order of Satan that precedes that/is coming/is here now.

If anybody reading this has anything to add please contact me via my email address above.

Thank you for reading this and remember that it is GOD who raises up people to do HIS WILL, but let us just be sure that we are ready and willing to do the WORK, Able to do the task HE has set for us. And daily protecting ourselves with the Full ARMOUR OF GOD.  For YOU may be reading this now, because GOD has Plans for you to be a JOSEPH also.  (see other Projects also)

Any writing that you see in colours, I am creating links for so that you can read more about that subject.  Please bear with me as this will take time to do it all.  If you would like to help post anything on this website or contribute in any way, please contact me on 07944860345 or email me on the above email address. (in yellow).

Thank you again.

GOD BLESS YOU and Protect you and your family/friends in this world.  Pray for the Church and Israel.



Why call it Joseph? If your read the story of Joseph in the Bible (Torah- to the Jews) : Genesis chapter 37-chapter 50, you will see why this project is called Joseph.

Bye for now.