The Conspiracy Against The Sick:


The Proof:


For many years now, many writers and investigative journalists have been exposing the agendas of many corporations to suppress cures and prolong the suffering of the sick and diseased-either indirectly by negligence, by deliberate intervention or by hindering the assistance of those who DO seek to help the sick.

The best source of evidence is now on the internet.  via Youtube and Google video, anybody can find a film or documentary which shows eminent scientists and professionals in their respective industries who are exposing the cover ups, the lies, and the betrayals of the trust of the general public.

Documented evidence is obtainable, and much has been said on TV channels like the Business Channel, which have exposed the corruption, greed and inhumane treatment of fellow human beings, behind these multinational pharmaceutical corporations, in the pursuit of massive untold wealth.  The merging of many corporations to form giant companies that absorb others in different industries or influential sectors, have been witnessed by this generation, as the strategy to monopolise on the control of the earths technology, industry, and resources.  This fusion of multinational corporations has amassed so much power that they control most of the governments of the Western world.


The Strategy: Monopolise to Control the Consumers

Oil company Executives who were Banking executives previously, become United Nations Executives, and so politicians become bankers or corporation executives, and sometimes simultaneously.  Controlling power via Governments, Corporations (business), and World Organisations, like the United Nations, World Health Organisation or World Bank, allow those elite fat cats to squash the average person and oppress those who do not have a voice or a morsel of food to eat. 

While amassing the profits from their companies, these "leaders" own shares in pharmaceutical companies that supposedly are finding cures for cancer and AIDS and so on.  Pharmaceutical companies try to patent the natural resources of the earth-plants herbs and foods that are FREE, and  try to sell them to us.  They would sell us the  air we breath if they could.  This is not a joke.  This IS Reality.  Does this sound too horrible to be true?  Surely not OUR government.  Yes,  this is sad and depressingly so.  But it is the truth.  They blame us.  They say that it is our lifestyles that cause our governments to oppress other countries, invade them, steal their resources, and destroy their economies.


The Economic Excuse for their behaviour

They say that if we want the lifestyles we have, we have to accept that in order to have wealth in the west, there must be poverty in the East, or South, or North.  This idea of economic transferring of wealth is a lie.  Economists have been selling that lie to us for years.  Business schools know the truth.  Wealth IS MADE, NOT TRANSFERRED.  But they teach us the opposite.  They claim that wealth can only be derived when existing money exchanges hands.  They forget that any student with an iota of intelligence who questions things, can tell that wealth is something we own as assets and is objective.  Money is not an indicator of wealth.  It is just a currency to exchange goods.  But the International Bankers-the money masters would have us believe that we need credit cards and bank loans in order to exist in our Western paradise.  To borrow is to breathe is their motto.


Borrowing is enslavement 

The Bible teaches us that those who owe debts is a slave to the creditor.

Enter the Mark of The Beast (Great Red Beast/Dragon) which ENSLAVES ALL

(see Revelations 12 and 13)

The truth is that we can live comfortably in the West and so can everybody else on the planet, if we help everybody else succeed, instead of borrowing from crooked banks who enslave us to debt.  The problem is that evil men do not want to help others.  They want to hoard stuff including their money so they can feel good about themselves and their success.  Little do they know that they are in for a wake up call.  If there are any BIBLE believers out there reading this, they will know that GOD will destroy their wealth and their GOLD will be worthless in the last days.  This is happening soon.  But before that, a monetary currency of global proportions must surface.  That's right.  It's the Mark of The Beast, mentioned in The Book of Revelations.  A global currency that allows humans to buy and sell, provided they give their allegiance to the coming World Ruler: The AntiChrist.


Prophecy that has and is coming true even now as you read this

Non Christians reading this, are turning their nose up at this right now.  But I ask you this:  How can a book 2000 years old predict the exact nature of a global economy, global religion, global government in precise detail that is coming, and we are alive witnessing the events leading up to this-how can this prophecy be?  Because only GOD knew what was to happen in the future and told His prophets to write it down for our time.  With regional currencies being drawn up by the G20 summit to place different regions of the planet under a currency of their own, then unifying them into a global currency.  This is fact.  Google it yourself.  The Bible predicted this 2000 years ago.  Or rather GOD did through His prophets.

What has all this to do with the Conspiracy against the sick?


The ELITE WEALTHY GLOBALISTS want you dead...or dying

Because the very same people who control the large amounts of wealth and money in the world have become so rich, because they have agreed to further this agenda of a global government-a new world order, the culling of the populace, and the destruction of those who would oppose it.  They have to weaken those who would oppose a One World Government and its Religion of Satanism.  They have put into place super viruses, flu's and wars, famines, and all manner of controls to reduce the populace of the earth, in order to create a subservient race of slaves to fulfil the wishes of the elite who worship or serve those who worship the current ruler and false god of this world-the devil.


The Disbelief and the Denial then the Acceptance

If this is too far fetched to believe, I agree with you.  It sounds so far fetched I fought with my mind for a long time to not accept it,  because it was too horrifying to contemplate.  But I researched it rationally and scientifically, and only one conclusion can be drawn-that the Bible is true.    I shall expand on this later in a future webpage.

 There is Good News.  JESUS CHRIST will return shortly after this New World Order arrives, and then slay the ones who brought this to be: The false prophet and the antiChrist.  All those who serve Satan and take the Mark will be dealt with by Christ and His angels, who will gather them up for the lake of fire.  If you have problems with any of this, I urge you to study in a scientifically rational and logical way, the events of today and the prophecies of the Bible, and you will see that even if you set out to disprove that the Bible is 100% accurate about the events of the past and the present, you will have to concur that the Bible has to be the truth, as prophecy is coming true as foretold.

 Only an intelligent person can draw this conclusion-one who is open minded and not blinded by the lies that evolutionists have told us and atheist scientists have hidden the truths that would set us free health wise and spiritually.  Emotional healing also.  The LOVE of GOD is for everybody and He does not judge us as humans do.  God judges your heart and your mind, not by outward appearance.  Jesus Christ died for you because His Father loved You also and His Son agreed to pay the price willingly to save you from destruction-to return you to immortality as God intended.   


Why has this happened and how could it?

There are counterfeit prophecies and lies of the Devil meant to deceive us, but only those who are in love with the world and its corrupt system of things-materialism and its promotions of uninhibited fleshly lusts, will be deceived into receiving the antiChrist as their world leader, and they will gladly take his side against GOD and His Messiah-Our Saviour-LORD JESUS CHRIST.   Christians who are obeying Christ's teachings will be saved from this deception, but lukewarm Christians will be deluded  also.


 The world does not accept that their is a penalty for sin and there is a place of punishment for the evil that exists in the world today, and what evil that is coming.  For this reason, GOD has allowed a time for Satan's demons to run rampant, not just from the spiritual realm, but in physical form, on the planet, in the hope that humans will see that they are better off under GOD's protection and LOVE, rather than Satan's rule and their temporary independance.  God hopes that people will come to their senses before this and seek Him and His Son.  So they will not be tormented and fall prey to the devil.

God has decided to punish all that is evil, because He IS GOOD and does not tolerate evil.


The New World Order plan of a few hundred million humans left alive

The conspiracy against the sick, the poor and the oppressed, by the elite fat cats in power, will be exposed, and their fate is sealed as they face Him on Judgement Day, and try to explain why they never shared their wealth, or helped the poor, but persecuted and crushed them without mercy and chose to do evil. 

This is not to say that all rich people are evil :)  I am referring to the super wealthy who are globalists that are furthering the agenda for a New World Order-A Earth of One State, One Currency, One Leader, etc.  A future Babel.  A Babylon that will have its Nebuchadnezzar at the head of its Empire.  This Beast Empire that The Bible foretold in the Books of Daniel, Revelations and others will be the Fourth Reich of the Nazis-the plan to make the rest of the human race slaves, while the blue bloods rule with their demon possessed Emperor of the Earth-the AntiChrist to crush all in their path or who do not worship him.

The sick, the poor, the oppressed, the dying, and starving are like this because those who own trillions upon trillions of dollars, and have enormous wealth, would rather hoard it, and enjoy their lives in luxury, while others are in desperate need.  They love their wealth more than life itself.   Have you not wondered why so many super wealthy people do not give a flying monkey poo about the poor starving and the sick?

The super rich who join secret societies to benefit from business deals that will guarantee riches, sell their souls to Satan and take His Mark-in order to prosper on earth, but they must offer sacrifices-human lives.   By doing nothing, standing by idly watching the suffering and misery they have caused or by being unwilling to help.  This is how they do this, and by killing thousands through fermenting wars and disputes, creating super viruses and selling arms, they also do this.  These appeasers of the devil will find that they are the ones who will pay the ultimate price-their souls-in eternal hellfire, for the evil they helped perpetrate on the weakest and most innocent of mankind.


Coming to your own conclusion

So there you have it.  The conspiracy against the sick, is to further an agenda.  Population control.  So that they can reduce the earths inhabitants to a manageable level. The lie that there are not enough resources on the planet to feed us all, has been spun to convince the ignorant that they must comply with the New World Order in order to thrive in their business or materialistic lives.   But the truth is we can enjoy life and so can others, if we treat everybody with respect and love.


Wealth is MADE indeed.

Creating new businesses and developing new inventions is proof that wealth is MADE.  More money gets printed by governments when a recession hits (caused by the bankers) and spending is down by the public.  (This devalues the currency and causes inflation to rise, because you need more of that currency to purchase things.  This is the plan of the bankers to ensure that debts we owe keep up with inflation, by stoking inflation with cyclical recessions and booms.  Which means loss of assets sold to pay off debts, and further borrowing to pay off monthly payments on interest and capital.  The recessions ensure that they buy up everybody's assets at rock bottom prices-getting richer and everybody else getting poorer.  So the super rich become fewer and fewer until only those Elite Few hold the Assets of the world-at least that's their plan, and it has been working for them for at least the last 1000 years.  But now we are on to them.

For observant students the good news is that this means there is more money circulating.  And increased production and new inventions create new Assets.  These 2 points alone prove that wealth is MADE, and not transferred.  A simple economics book will teach you that there is transferring of wealth when there is an exchange of currency for goods and or services, which may be considered current or fixed assets, (according to accounting rules), but this is not the only exchange. 

Please visit you tube and watch the documentary: The Money Masters, and download it before they take it off, as I am sure they will.  Spread the Word. Teach others about why there is this recession and what good guys like Milton Friedman, the only good economist, are trying to do to help others like you and me, get out of this enslavement by the banks and pharmacy companies to control us through our finances and our health. 


The Crunch:  The Conclusion

There is much more to it than this.  How do we get sick?   By deliberate tampering of our contact points:  In other words, the food supply is deliberately tainted to ensure most people will get sick and die.   Chemicals are purposely mixed into the environment.  Electromagnetic radiation bombards us.  All methods are used to try to weaken us.  Military experiments are carried out on us or other poor unsuspecting persons, from other countries, against our will, and without our approval.

If you doubt this, watch the documentary "Big Sugar", made by the Business Channel (which got taken off air), which exposes the sugar industry and their current slavery of people, as far as stopping them from growing vegetables on their own land to feed themselves so they cannot have the energy to revolt or fight back, but not even barely enough to work in the sugar cane fields.  These bosses are evil.  Pure and simple.  To stop your own workers from growing food to live, is oppression of the worst kind.  Maybe it was the sugar companies that pulled the plug on Sky's broadcasting of these Business Channel documentaries which also exposed other companies like Coca Cola.  Check it out on Google.


Fear controls people. So make them scared.

This also keeps unscrupulous insurance companies in big business.  Without the PRESENCE of sick people, no one would fear getting sick or injured and then take out insurance.  The banks, insurance companies and food companies are in cahoots with the pharmaceuticals companies and military to work towards making profits from contaminating us and producing fear that feeds their pockets with our money.  The stock exchanges are completely under the control of the bankers and the elite super rich and powerful.

Fear controls us all.  Governments scare us with their war on terrorism, so they create the PRESENCE of terrorists, and then manufacture their propaganda, so we accept more restrictions of our civil liberties and freedoms, in order to allow the government to "protect" us.  Real threats from "terrorists" who hate the West because of crimes committed in other countries against their peoples begin to become real, and so we begin to trust our governments, thinking they are looking after our interests.  Although some people in government are genuinely looking out for the people, the ones who hold the reins, are not. 

They follow the Elite Plans, and if they refuse they are out of a job and ostracized, alienated and shunned to force them to comply.  If this fails and they try to speak about it, they are bribed, if this fails then the media are called to fabricate some false story to destroy their credibility or to demonise them.  If this fails then they are assassinated and the media paints a suicidal story-conveniently given to them  (with all the "facts").  Then even after death,  they are tainted.   This fear is why people do not speak up.  Only the truly brave and courageous talk.  Then they are hounded, hunted or threatened.  Or their families threatened.  Fear is the main weapon of the elite.  But we can use this against them.


In the darkest shadows of powerful government they lurk

There is always the shadow governments who really pull the strings and control things.  Usually its the "advisors", who are in disguise as serving their leaders.  Look at the advisors of all the most powerful people in the world.  You'll get the picture.  These people are the ones who really control the world.  They belong to the oldest secret societies, dating back to Babylon, such as the Mystery Babylon cults mentioned in The Bible.  The names have changed but these societies are everywhere: httm vhmt lgmft klm mt dh mdrrmk knnvmdy. mfd s dh prdkms vh hb lkhd dh dp vrmg d dhn, mt s dhy tm'd, dhl tbflf t. 


Why many turn away from the horrible Truth of the Evil World in which we live

But most people do not want to swallow the truth, because it leaves a nasty taste in your mouth.  And it is not easy on the eye.  Evil is ugly.  And most people do not want to see the ugliness.  It is easier to ignore it.  And people are afraid.  And this is the problem.


 By using fear and intimidation, evil men win.  They lie, they manipulate, they plot and scheme to gain avariciously for themselves, and those like them-for they ARE UNITED IN THEIR EVIL SCHEMES.  But as long as we, that is common folk keep ignoring their evil deeds, they will carry on, get away with it, and gain confidence to increase their oppression and domination of others.  And so more people suffer and/or die and a result. 

But it is considered unwise to stick your neck out for a noble cause or for strangers.  It is foolish.  Bravery is considered stupidity.  Maybe, but this rings true only if a brave person does not act wisely.  There are ways to be brave and courageous without being stupid or foolish.  I shall do a future webpage on this subject.

 If we join together and unite, combining information, money, speaking platforms and energy, then we can help make a significant dent in their persecution of the innocent and the weak.  But as long as we ignore the reality, others suffer until one day that maybe ourselves who are being trodden on by the boots of the elite. 

I urge you to find out more and not turn away from your responsibility to your fellow man, woman and child-wherever they are on the planet.  We are all brothers and sisters and are a family.  But there are always the ones who do not want to share and have it all for themselves and who envy and hate.  We cannot stop that, it is  human nature, sadly- but if you are determined to be one of the good guys, and not conform to the world, where ignoring the plight of others is "fashionable",  then we can help to stop the Elite powers killing us slowly if we can make others aware and join the fight.  Then we will have the stronger army and then we can revolt against them before they make us too weak to resist their forces-like the Sugar Co.'s are doing with their weakened workers.  Its up to us.  Me and YOU. 

Not a final statement  You can have the Last Word


 It's often said that one man/woman can make a difference.  This is True.  But They do not want You to know this, or to even think about trying this out.    But two people or -even three are strong. If there are many of us, then there is a movement that has momentum-just like with William Wilburforce and the anti slavery movement.

As it says in the Bible, a bond of three is not easily broken.  We must bond together in a determined effort and with conviction, to halt the ever increasing decline of this rapidly degrading society we live in, where media coverage of human suffering and misery, has desensitised us to it being nothing more that a mere sound-bite or anecdote.

If you must know, I believe we can do this in secret  Yes, you heard.  A covert operation to overthrow the Elite.  How?  The answer lies in The Bible.  I urge you to read it and ask GOD for insight and wisdom and let Him show YOU how you are to survive the Coming flood of Satans armies, by preparing others for the Battle ahead.  You will earn your reward and be rewarded by The King of Kings and Lord of Lords Himself, JESUS CHRIST, when He says to you, "Well Done.  Good and Faithful Servant".  

Eternal life in Paradise will be your reward-Immortality and Total unsurpassed Bliss and Joy are yours.

What the Elite Fear Most and Our greatest weapon

The Elite-The Highest Ranking Freemasons and Illuminati and the other Satanic ranks are afraid of one thing;  Loss of control of the people.  Mind Control in their most successful weapon.  TV is their medium.  But all media is used to influence our thinking.  I urge you to research disinformation like I have.  It will open your eyes.

They fear the unification of the people with a common goal- a common grievance, they will manufacture revolts of their own-like the Iranian coup against Mohommed Mossadegh -the Western-friendly, modern thinking and  peace loving elected leader of Iran, until he was overthrown by the CIA organised coup, which was funded by the Oil companies and the British Elite at the time (see book :"All the Shah's Men").    

Or they will finance, train and equip invasions, assassinations and deposing of leaders, and economical destruction of countries, that do not want to make one sided deals with U.S or European countries that sell arms to their enemies to destabilise them or call them "terrorists" to demonise them, using the media (which they mostly own).  See book- "Confessions of an Economic Hitman"

What YOU can do

Lies are poison.  And we need the healing power of the Truth to extract that poison and cleanse us.  Knowledge is Power.  Get clued up and do your own research.  Tell others about what you find.  Break these chains of slavery over our minds, bodies and hearts. 

The truth shall set us free.  And when JESUS RETURNS, you will know that everything I have said to you is The Truth.  For JESUS CHRIST is the TRUTH.  Just make sure that you do not reject Him before His Return, because you will end up in the Lake of Fire through your own pride, ignorance and delusion.  Reasoning will not save you then, nor will begging.  He is returning soon as the Lion of Judah.  His anger is for all those who do wickedness and hurt others deliberately with all manner of evils.  And He will kill the antiChrist who is a false Christ.  Be sure you are not deceived and accept Jesus Christ  as your Saviour today, and learn what you can about The Bible by reading it for yourself, not by listening to others badmouth it and so putting you off.

On that note, I leave you with a statement by JFK.  When you read this consider that the conspiracy against the sick is a direct result of this:

"All problems, depressions, wars, disasters, assassinations, all of them were planned, caused, instigated, and implemented by the International Bankers and their attempt to establish a central bank in every country in the world, which they have now done, thanks to corrupt politicians who have been bought and paid for. This is all you need to know about the history of the world."- John Fitzgerald Kennedy