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The Return of The King of Kings & Lord of Lords-The Messiah Yeshua

Because the banking system is corrupt and geared towards enslaving us, I am not asking anybody to donate funds, or pay for any product that has worked, using their debit and credit card, as these will eventually be under the control of the Beast Mark system.  Please understand that, although it IS more convenient and less hassle to use this method, I feel GOD wants you to know that every transaction you make is being monitored and recorded and data is being gathered on you, via your plastic cards.  These will later be used against you. Please email me to purchase any item or to complain, or give feedback.  I thank you for understanding.


Please email me to send a cheque or postal order and your money will go towards this ministry, either towards the web hosting costs or directly into Project Elijah, Joseph or any of the other projects mentioned on this website.


Remember that this is a Christian website please, so if your world view and system of beliefs are challenged by what is on this website, please do not feel offended.  It is not my intention to offend, but to inform, inspire, warn and help those who need support, information, guidance and inspiration.


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Please tell others about this website and get them to email me, as well as yourself, with any information and ideas that may help to prepare for the coming troublesome years.  If any of you have a prophetic message or a helpful tip or info, please email me and I'll make sure it is placed on the website for all to view.

 Please check out the other web pages on this site.  Thank you for visiting this website, and God bless you.

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