Are demons real?

Yes.  Just go to any shamanistic or spiritualism based villages around the world, or to the jungles of Borneo, Amazon, or Africa, to see the various kinds of occult supernatural power.

How do I know that I am under demonic attack?

If you have lost control or are losing control of your body, mind, or speech, or have repeated nightmares of terrifying realism.  Or are are suffering from chronic ill health that Doctors cannot explain, or voices are coming out of your mouth, saying foul or abusive things. Psychic clairvoyance is a good indicator also.

How did I open myself up to attack?

A number of ways can open you up, meditation, spiritism, acupuncture and various Eastern religious practices.  Usually it is through witchcraft and mediumship.  Email me for more info, or Google it.

How can I stop this harassment?

Find yourself a Christian, or and a church to iniate deliverance in the Name of Jesus, and you will be set free.  It may take several sessions and consist of an ongoing battle, but you will be delivered in the end.  But the deeper involved into the occult, you go, the harder it will be to be delivered.  So act now.  GO to a church.  Preferably a Pentecostal one, or any church that has a deliverance ministry in preferred.

What evidence is there that demonic harassment is real?

Archives of evidence exist in many scientific and psychology reports which have institutionalised persons, who fit the Biblical descriptions of being possessed, or harassed or afflicted.  Voices etc...Also around the world, supernatural occurrences are commonplace.

How do I prevent myself and others from getting harassed by demons?

Do not go anywhere near anything of the occult, of meditation or spiritualist tendencies.  Keep away from ouija boards, and psychic meetings, witchcraft, and even feng shui (Geomancy). Stay away from astrology, palm reading, or having your future predicted.  These all lead to demonisation.  Tell others to steer clear also.  Do your own research and list the things which can lead to attack by demons.

How do I prevent a repeat of this?

Do not go back and do the same things you did before.  Repent and start a new life serving God and walking in close fellowship with Jesus Christ.

Harassment, Affliction, Oppression, Demonisation or Possession?

There is debate about this issue.

Harrassment is usually external attack, not possession.  It may involve persistent hindering from individuals or unexplained coincidences that cause you to suspect something is not quite right.  Pray to God for the answer, and His protection.

Affliction is usually the kind that happens to some Christians who have back-slidden, and can be a constant feeling of not being successful at anything you do, hinderance being the other term.  It could mean illness also, and persons being forced to attack you without provocation.


Oppression is like demonic possession but the attacks come from outside, and are usually demons manipulating events and people to oppress and depress you with constant frustration.

Demonisation is a term often used to refer to Possession.  A Christian can be assaulted spiritually without being possessed, and this is called demonisation, and can consist of any of the above mentioned ways of being attacked.  It is usually more persistent, with thoughts and images being broadcast into your head.  At very severe levels, some Christians have said demons will try to scare them by appearing.  But all Christians have the authority of Jesus to tell them to go away, and they have to go.  Also Warrior Guardian angels protect Christians from any assault.  For non believers, this may be the last stage before a complete possession if help is not obtained soon.

Possession is when a demon has more or less complete or partial control over various funcrtions or parts of a persons being.  IT could be vocally, limbs, levitation, bodily functions, or superhuman strength.  It can be sickness or even distorted facial expressions.  It is the typical Biblical description of scary conditions that demand urgent help from God through His Son Jesus Christ.  The demon will try to make the person commit suicide, or kill them, or do things to hurt themselves and others.  Action must be taken immediately.  Contact a church immediately and get help.  Please ask Christians you know for help if you know anyone like this, or yourself.  

IF you know of anyone who is experiencing any of the above different types of demonic attack, please Pray to GOD for help, and seek a Christian or and a church to assist you or that person.

Christians want to help you set them or yourself free, and ensure you are protected by the Blood of Jesus Christ, His Authority through His Name, and all His angels, which are at His Command to deliver you and others from the demons.

What is the answer?

There is only ONE answer:  Jesus Christ. Cry out to Him to save you.  Get them/yourself to a church, or find a Christian who will minister to you.

Jesus is your Saviour from this and other evils.

How to ask Jesus to rescue you.

Get down on your knees and look up to heaven and talk to GOD to deliver you, and ask Him to cleanse you of your sins through His Son, Jesus Christ.  He will then send help.  Do it now.

What must I do to keep myself from harassment?

Avoid all the things which would lead you into sining again in that manner in which you became demonically attacked.

How can I warn others of this nightmare?

When you are delivered or have the support of a church or a group of Christians, ask them to minister to your friends, or ask your friends to come to meet the Chrisitans or go to the church to discuss this and get informed.

How can I join others in helping warn others?

There are groups who do specialise in deliverance ministries.  Like ellel ministries.  Please see the link to other websites on the homepage or email me for details.

Deliverance Organizations and Support Groups

This will be updated.  Until then contact Ellel Ministries via the link mentioned above.

Join these Groups and be set free and help spread the WORD and warn others today.

Escaping Demonic Harrrassment and the Occult


The term occult means hidden, but we shall use the term with its modern meaning. Which is that of witchcraft, spiritism, and anything involving magic, mysticism and demons.   

Hidden or secret knowledge is not that hidden today anyhow.  Books and Internet articles on websites overwhelm us with all types of occult knowledge.  Access to occult knowledge is at an all time high.  The revival of magic, witchcraft and sorcery-things forbidden by God in the Bible, have made a comeback with such strength and driving force, that one has to wonder how these things which the Roman Catholic church put people to death for, during the inquisition, have such unbridled popularity with the mainstream.  But how did this come about?  Moreover, why did God forbid these practices?

The resurgence of the occult, amongst formerly Christian nations, began when the theory of evolution began to take hold.  As science struggled against the ignorance of the Catholic empire, the occult sciences went underground, hiding from the persecution of the Catholic sword.  This led to many secret societies forming to preserve this hidden knowledge and keep it secret, so only those loyal to the ancient Babylonian mystery religions would be privy to this occult wisdom.  Once these secret societies gained power they began to make their beliefs known by using the label science, instead of the occult.  As these arts became more acceptable during the Reformation that birthed the Renaissance, they began bleeding the idea of evolution into the scientific community via a PERVERSION of Darwin’s theories, and claiming it as evidence.  This had two purposes.  First, to open people to the idea that the Bible was not the Truth, and secondly, to open people up to the occult, through seeking 'scientific' knowledge.    

The reason why God said we should not practice those things was to protect us from demonic possession and to ensure we do not end up appeasing or worshipping demons.  In both cases, it is an issue of control.  Control of a human being, group, family, community or even a country.  It has always been about control, with Satan.  Whereas GOD has always given us free will and a choice of doing good or evil, but explained the consequences of making the wrong choice. Thankfully, He has always provided a way out when we get ourselves in a pickle.  Possession is one of those pickles.  The ways in which a person can be demonized, afflicted or possessed are numerous and varied. Thanks to the new age movement of the 60's, the hippie culture that embraced eastern mysticism and occult religion spawned a market for all things mystical and magical.  Because of this, more people became caught up in this fashionable craze and adopted Hindu, Buddhist or Taoist beliefs, rejecting Christian beliefs at the same time.  Of course, some fused them together. 

  Gurus and masters appeared out of the woodwork to sell their exclusive religions and alleged secret paths to enlightenment.  Fourteen hundred years of Christianity were thrown away and discarded, as a new age of mysticism and science would cause westerners to believe almost anything they were told by these gurus and masters. The growing interest in all things aliens, escapism through science fiction and the mysterious allure of eastern mysticism, built the foundations for allowing this demonic flood of paganism to re emerge in formerly Christian countries.  NEVERTHELESS, HOW DID THIS REALLY COME ABOUT? 

Through the devices of one woman, Satan caused this to happen, or at least through her, the devil began his direct counter attack on infiltrating Protestant Christianity.  Her name was Madam Helena Blavatsky.  Along with her devoted follower, Alice Bailey, she initiated a chain reaction of anti Christian spiritual movements that spawned ultimately the political arm of Anti Christ.  She began her journey into witchcraft and mysticism by visiting Tibet, and becoming possessed by a demon, through whom she wrote the plan for bringing into the world. The AntiChrist.  This spiritual being whom she referred to as The Tibetan, gave her demonic words and diabolical wisdom to engineer the New Age movement, or the Age of Aquarius.  This concept began with her, and after her death was carried on by another student of the Devil, Alice Bailey. 

From these two women, and to a lesser degree, Annie Besant, the revival of all things occult, were made acceptable and mainstream.  No longer were Christian principles, nor Gods commandments important, or necessary.  The damage done by the theory of evolution, caused people to accept science and secular humanism as the new religion.  Little did they know, that pursuance of Witchcraft was always the goal.  By using falsehoods regarding science to lure, people away from The truth in the Bible, evolutional theory set up the premise for new age occultism, by making people search for the supernatural in places other than the Bible.   

This strategy was outlined by BLAVATSKY, and BAILEY. The success of these plots would depend on employing the machinations of secret societies, such as the Freemasons, to bring about this new Age of Aquarius.  The movement towards a global religion of devil worship, and a global government, and a world army, would be integrated into a world economy simultaneously, until their plan for a global currency could be implemented.  Then the world would witness the Biblical prophecy of Revelations 13: 15-18.  The Mark of the Beast would be this global currency and sign of allegiance to the Image of the Beast, the AntiChrist.  Then this worship would be then redirected to the worship of Satan.

In order to carry this out, many deceived and disillusioned people would offer their services to this Luciferian Movement.  In addition, a man called Aleister Crowley was instrumental in creating further Satanic, mystical levels that adopted ancient types of demonic invocation into existing secret societies. The inclusion of ancient Human sacrifice, murder, and abuse, would further initiates into deeper and darker levels of evil that would ensure they were fully given over to Satan, for the purpose of ushering his Ambassador into power. 

In order to escape the occult forces of darkness that pose as light, a person has to want to be set free, and turn their back on the practice of spiritism, astrology, divination, geomancy, white witchcraft, druidism, and all types of mediumship.  In fact, all types of meditation from the Far East and Yoga. Which include emptying the mind.  All these practices open a person up to demonic possession.  Once a person has stopped these, or is trying to get out, they must seek Jesus Christ, and cry out to Him to save them.  This is best done with the support and help of a Christian.  Especially beneficial if they are trained in deliverance, or/and have the gift of Discerning spirits.  Although any Christian, who has faith based on the Bible, and follows Jesus Teachings will be able to help.  It is important that two Christians are present during any counseling or praying over an individual, should they manifest demonic behaviour of a violent or abusive nature.   

There are excellent books written on the subject, such as THEY SHALL EXPEL DEMONS By Derek Prince. However, I think it wisest if a person goes to a Pentecostal church and seeks help urgently and repents of their involvement in any type of occultism.  A person can go for some time before they realise that they have opened themselves up to demons.  Many spiritualists have come under heavy demonic possession, but been delivered in Jesus mighty name.  Also white witches and mediums who think they are dealing with deceased human spirits, will eventually realise that all is not well, as the demonic spirits try to take control over their families, and lives. 

To conclude, how a person becomes involved in the occult, is always through a gradual process of seduction and deception.  No one starts out seeking to serve Satan.  But only through demonic manipulation of a persons mind and emotions, then their body, does a person find themselves no longer under control of aspects of themselves. The truth about the occult is that it really is about demons gaining power and control over humans to damn them to hell and attack other humans in the most evil and vile ways, and then recruit others also through lies, seduction, fear, and intimidation.  Deception is their greatest weapon.  However, it always starts with temptation and dissatisfaction.  When a person is not accepted, or is frustrated by other humans, or seeks to find God through the Wrong ways, are common circumstances ripe for plundering and turning to the dark side in the most subtle of ways. 

Often the most beguiling and charming individuals, who have a mysterious and seductive attractiveness about them, are trained and possessed to recruit others down the road to perdition. 

Only Jesus has the power to save them.  For more info on books and info on this subject, please email me at :

God bless.