This Project is named after the heroic resistance fighters of the Book of Maccabees.  They were a Jewish family of mostly brothers who defied the Greek Law to worship Zeus, they refused to renounce GOD and give up their faith, and instead fought the Greek generals and their dynasty.  The most infamous and evil, being Antiochus Epiphanes III and IV.  This is all elaborately detailed in the Book of Daniel (Chapter 11: verses 3-45), which prophecies this period 200 years before it happens. These Greek generals were descendants of Antiochus, one of Alexander the Great's generals, whom he handed part of his empire to.  Antioch, in the country of Israel, is named after him.  He fought another Greek general of Alexander's, Ptolemy, who fought the Syrian Greek general (Antiochus), over the Egyptian and Syrian portions of the empire.  Israel was caught between the crossfire and was occupied by Antiochus. This was around 350-200 B.C.

The heroic brothers James and Judas (Jacob and Judah) and their family lead the Israelites (Jews and the remaining tribes) to fight against the Greek occupation.  They rallied together the Israelites who were loyal to GOD, and built a resistance army to resist the Greek generals.  The Greek army besieged Jerusalem and unfortunately, out of fear of death, many Israelites gave in to persecution and chose to give up their allegiance to GOD, and they become Hellenised (referring to Helen of Troy in the famous ancient book, Homer's Odyssey, which records the famous story of this pagan goddess Helen, and her kidnapping to Troy, where the Greeks who worshipped her were followers of the Greek demi-god religion-including worshippers of Zeus and the rest of the Greek gods).  The Jews who become Hellenised, forsook the God of the Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, for the Greek gods, to save their lives.

But many Israelites refused to renounce GOD, and died with their families in horrific slaughters which involved the chopping off of limbs of family members, until they renounced GOD.  It was a purely Satanic policy that became enforced through Greek Laws, in order to destroy the religion of the Israelite GOD.  Obviously,  Satan was behind it at his most vehement worst. Fortunately, the Maccabees fought the Greeks, and although many of them died in battle, ultimately, after 100 years of battle, they won and kicked the Greeks out*.   Israel then had 100 years of peace (100 B.C), until the Romans came and began to occupy the former Greek empire, defeating the descendants of the Ptolemy family in Egypt. They occupied Israel, which they renamed Palestine.

 (*= This is what the Jewish festival Chanukah commemorates)

 And so Israel was divided up into different sects:

The Sadducees, the Pharisees, the Levite Priests, the Essenes, with the rest of the people being torn between the Greek religion and culture (Hellenism), and their former Jewish Faith, that Moses and the prophets had passed down from GOD Himself.  Also, there were Babylonian cults mixed into some of these sects, that fused the True faith of religion with Egyptian-Babylonian religious mysticism, which were the Mystery religions.  These later became the Kabala, and the hidden religion of freemasonry.

Before the rule of the Greeks, Israel and Judah had failed to remain loyal to GOD, and committed sins far worse than the Gentile nations, and GOD sent them into exile: He dissipated the Northern kingdom of Israel via the Assyrian invasion, then the Southern kingdom of Judah, with Nebuchadnezzar the Babylonian. After this, the Medo-Persians (where Troy was) took over the Babylonian empire and Cyrus the Persian Emperor, sent the Israelites back home to rebuild their homes in Israel.  The Greeks, with Alexander the Great, conquered Persia, and so Judah and the remaining tribes were invaded yet again by the Greek general Antiochus, who governed the Syrian part of the Greek empire, This war between empires was prophesied in the Book of Daniel-in amazingly explicit detail.  The angel explains the prophecies and occupations of  these invading nations upon Israel and Judah, as well as the birth of the Messianic kingdom of GOD, with the advent of His Son, JESUS CHRIST.  It was in Babylon, where Daniel and Ezekiel were given their prophecies, then in Persia (Elam).  This undoubtedly proves the validity of the Bible, as secular history can testify to the accuracy of these events which are detailed accurately with inexplicable precision.

What is the significance of all this?

Antiochus Epiphanes was the forerunner of THE COMING ANTICHRIST and EVIL EMPIRE which will take over THE WHOLE EARTH.  This coming Man of Sin will outdo his forerunner in every way.  His false prophet will cause all to worship him, his image, and Satan, with the evil religion they will force on everyone.  

JESUS told us in Matthew 24:15, Mark 13:14, to look to the Book of the Prophet DANIEL to see what The Awful Horror and Abomination of Desolation means. (Dan 9:27, 11:31, 12:11)

The Awful Horror/Abomination of Desolation, is what some scholars usually think to be the either the Dome of the Rock or some other Religious Statue to be later set up.  I believe the latter to be the truth.  But I would go deeper than this.

The key to understanding this mystery, lies in other parts of the Books of Daniel and Revelations: Dan 9:27, and the above.  Revelations 9: 1-11, specifically 9:11.  In Revelations 8:13, the EAGLE cries out "HORROR, HORROR", and tells us there are three Horrors, of which Revelations 9:1-11 is the First Horror.  (Rev 9:12).  This passage describes a fallen angel (star) letting loose the demons of the abyss, onto the earth.  The king of these demons name is Apollyon the Destroyer or Abaddon (another name for DESOLATOR or DESOLATION). This BEAST is let loose with his demons (locusts) to attack mankind, and later to kill a third of mankind.

The word "Abomination" is used in the Bible to tell us of false gods and heretical or apostate, religious worship that is overtly demonic in nature, and which GOD finds an abomination. The word "Desolation", is used, but "Destruction" could easily be used in it's place.  This points to Revelations 9:11.  This verse describes the demon king as the "Destroyer".  This makes perfect sense, and is backed up by the fact that the EAGLE cries out  "'Horror, Horror"' in Revelations 8:13. The verses of Daniel above, call the object set up, "the AWFUL HORROR".  A third pointer to this being correct is that there are 3 x "11"s in these verses, which add up to 33.  The 33rd  degree of Freemasonry, which is a secret religion that is, in reality the Babylonian Mystery Religion, and was set up to bring in the One World Government of Babylon,  to resurrect the founder "Nimrod, the Assyrian", is nothing but a secret coded way to give honour to the Beast -AntiChrist.  His name is revealed in verse 9:11. Nimrod was the first prototype of the AntiChrist.  Except this time it WILL be THE ANTICHRIST.  He will be possessed totally by the devil.  Therefore the Awful Horror is an IMAGE of the AntiChrist, the Beast. This is what is described and confirmed in Revelations 13: 14-18.

So, The "Awful Horror" of the Daniel verses is the same as Revelation 8:13, pointing us to "the abomination of "the "Destroyer/Desolator", which is set up as an IMAGE of the Beast to be worshipped, as in Revelations 13:14-18.  It is no coincidence that 9:11, was the date of the Twin Towers being attacked in New York, 2001.  This is the Satanists (Illuminati) way of honouring the AntiChrist of Revelations 9:11.  Notice the Twin Towers themselves are two "1"s or an Eleven.

Also 7:7 , the UK's day of terrorist attack could be an allusion to Daniel 7:7, which describes the One World Government/New World Order (The Fourth Beast, from which the Little Horn (AntiChrist) comes from).

This Beast, the AntiChrist is also called "The Destroyer or Apollyon, Abaddon", in Hebrew.  He is the resurrected Nimrod.  He comes up out of the abyss.  He is the king of the Abyss where demons dwell, and will run rampant on the earth.  This is the meaning of the Awful Horror, or Abomination of Desolation/the Desolator/Destroyer.  Of interest, is also that in Gematria, the numbers can be reversed to show the association with the same meaning or subject matter, for example 31 can be 13.  So in Revelations 8:13, it alludes to Mark 13:14, Daniel 11:31, and of course Revelations 13. Also notice the "13"s in many of these verses.  Mark 13:14.  This cannot be coincidence.  No wonder, those in witchcraft, the occult and Satanism love the number 13.  Satan has made it his badge/number of rebellion towards GOD.  It actually says that "rebellion is as bad as witchcraft". (1Samuel 15:23).  Nimrod rebelled against the LORD (Genesis 10:9).  He was the first to deliberately set himself up against the LORD.  He built Babel.  This is what the Illuminati/Satanists want to do: rebuild Babel. Babylon.  They are restructuring the world to crown their resurrected Nimrod/Assyrian (AntiChrist) King of the World, who will be the WORLD RULER.  The reason the Freemasons are so obsessed with the Phoenix, is because they want to point to the revived/resurrected Babylon, and Nimrod.  Out of the Ashes.

Hence the Illuminati motto: Out of Chaos, Order.  (They create the Chaos).

In fact, the "Rephaim", a subrace of giants, descended from the Nephilim (fallen angels), is supposed to mean the "resurrected ones".  This name points to the re emergence of these GIANTS after the FLOOD, as well as as the current genetic experiments of cloning the Nephilim offspring, using the DNA of  GIANT skeletons found around the world, much like Jurassic Park. (Please see my video documentary on this subject).  The Tower of Babel was built because the rebels were afraid GOD would destroy the earth again with another flood, so they built a Tower.  (Not to mention, the fact GOD promised he would not do this again.  But these rebels were hoping to resurrect the Pre Flood Times of wickedness and they preferred the Rule of the Nephilim.  These Evil men went underground and created a religion out of this rebellion, called Mystery Babylon. They created secret societies with their promotion of rebellious anti GOD religion, and demonically charged defiance.  They were guided by Satan, to eventually revive a World Babel.  a Global Babylon.  A CITY that would rule the Earth.  Then they would have a RULER.  Their own chosen MESSIAH.  A manmade (Satanically inspired) MESSIAH of the WORLD.  The AntiChrist.

  "Whoever sits in the Holy of Holies (Temple) and calls himself God".  Daniel 11:36 (look, another 11!)

This AntiChrist-demon-person's name also means The Desolater or The Destroyer, and this Abomination (false god), is a half human-half demon, a Nephilim, who comes out of the abyss, with his demons.  He is the AntiChrist himself.  He comes with the power of Satan.  He poses as the Messiah and saviour of the World. He impersonates JESUS. He is to be worshipped in place of GOD.  His priest-false prophet would be someone who promotes him as The ONE  (the Little Horn (Eleventh Horn) Daniel 7:7-8, 7:11, 7:20-22, 8:9-14 (to be worshipped on earth, and builds the IMAGE of the First BEAST, placing this IMAGE OF THE AWFUL HORROR/THE DESTROYER, IN THE TEMPLE IN JERUSALEM for the WHOLE earth to worship.  (Revelations 13:14-18).

Each time, an angel explains the prophecy to Daniel, in Daniel 7,8, and 9. And this points to a COMING FLOOD OF EVIL so intense and malevolent that no other time in history has ever seen it.  It will be so horrific that people will die of fear!  This is known as The Great Tribulation.  But thankfully, soon after, JESUS returns and destroys the BEAST EMPIRE and all those in it, including the AntiChrist.

I believe that GOD will create sanctuaries to hide the Church and Israel in this period.  Look at the Revelations prophecy (12: 1-17), where the Woman (Israel) is given the two wings of an eagle, and flies to the safety of a sanctuary in the wilderness.  Satan sends a Flood (the evil empire's army sent to wipe them out), but The Earth saves the woman and the child (Jesus).  This speaks of The Great Tribulation, where the Woman is Israel, but her descendants (not the child, as He is taken up to The Throne), which are the Church, are hunted and persecuted by Satan. This happens a lot.  Remember Pharaoh, Herod, Haman, etc, who sought to destroy the chosen people of GOD, and the Messiah/deliverer (more on this in an upcoming update).  So it makes perfect sense that Satan will do this again at the time of the AntiChrist.

A Maccabean resistance is necessary, because history repeats itself (the Bible says "there is nothing new under the sun), and the historic or symbolic repeat of history of Pharaoh enslaving the Hebrews until God sends Moses to deliver them, of Haman creating Laws to destroy the Jews, until God uses Esther and Mordecai to save them, of Daniel and Hannaniah, Mishael and Azariah  with Nebuchadnezzar and King Darius of Persia, to stop worship of GOD, and replace it with the worship of the IMAGE or of a GOLDEN STATUE, and of The Book of Macabees, where a statue of Zeus is placed in the Holy Temple, and a pig sacrificed on the altar.  The Romans also did this in 70 AD, when whey destroyed the Jewish uprising and crushed this rebellion, dispersing the JEWS all over the world, until they came back 1888 years later. So, these historical events point to this happening again, in much the same way as in those ancient books.


What does this mean for The church and Israel?

I believe that GOD will appoint resistance fighters and leaders to fight the army until The LORD appears.  Only because this happened before and the book of Daniel foretold that a brave resistance movement against these Greek invaders would be built and protect the people from the full assault of Satan and his flood.  (Daniel 11:32-35).


For the enemy comes in a like a flood",


Pharaoh slaughtering the Hebrews, to cull their numbers, as they grew too numerous, And GOD using Moses, so he was saved from the fate of teh rest of the Hebrew boys, to deliver the Hebrews AHEAD of time.

Haman sending forth the order to slaughter the Jews (Book of Esther),

Herod slaughtering the children, much like Pharaoh, to destroy The Deliverer/Messiah-TRUE King,

The "flood" of sending an army to wipe out GOD's people, who Satan hates, is a repeated pattern.  Read the book of Revelation's prophecy about the Woman escaping to the desert, where, " she will be safe",  so there will be persecution again, but GOD will show us a way out, to escape and to survive.  A sanctuary.

Satan hates All who follow GOD and/or His SON, and the Coming of his AntiChrist will be the penultimate "flood" to destroy Gods people.  Except this time, JESUS HIMSELF will intervene and SAVE US.

Project Maccabees is all about the actual building of The Resistance.  Not against The Machines, but against the New World Order, which is the Fourth Reich, the Satan inspired Communist-Fascist One World Government.   PREPARE NOW! 


The details will be given to those who are called by GOD to help prepare this Resistance to help GODS PEOPLE flee and escape into sanctuaries.

I know many Christians will refute this interpretation of the Bible.  That's fine.  But I would say one thing.  Supposing this is what is to happen.  By the time people find out what is happening it will be too late, to flee or escape.  Much like the Jews who remained in Germany and Europe after seeing the Third Reich come into power, bit by power, and then the Nazi hatred of the Jews turned into full scale pogroms (massacre of the Jews).  

These Jews did not flee when they had the chance.  They were in denial about what was coming.  Others fled to America, Britain, and other countries, and so escaped the Holocaust of WW2.    But those who loved their homes and lifestyles more than their lives, died in the gas chambers, the concentration camps, the ghettos or the trains taking them there, or trying to escape after the NAZIS came into power.  They were starved, shot, beaten, and forced to live in disease ridden, sewage and rat infested habitation until they died, or were eventually rescued by GOD through the Allied Armies.  

I believe this is about to happen again but to the Christians also, world wide.  The IMPLEMENTED plan to create a Global Empire, army, religion, and economy is all HERE ALREADY. All that is needed is for the Anti Christ to reveal himself as the United Nations brings in the Laws, much like the Germans did -bit by bit, and the Greeks did in the Maccabees account.  History repeating itself.

Although we WANT to believe that we will be Raptured before this goes down.  We should remember the Jews who remained and died in the Holocaust.  They wanted to believe that there was not a Flood coming either.  Just like in Noah's Day.  People die when they IGNORE the Truth, (Ignorance)-they do not listen.  So let us be sober and vigilant, for the enemy comes in like a flood.

How is this Resistance going to be built?

 Through Training and Guidance from the Holy Spirit.  It has to be secret as this is GOD's way of ensuring that not everybody is killed before the Triumphant Return of The KING of Kings and LORD of Lords-His SON JESUS CHRIST, who will vanquish the anti Christ and his evil Global empire.  This Fourth REICH is the NAZI's wound that is healed-which the whole world marvels at.  It is the resurrection of the NAZI EMPIRE (engineered by the Skull and Bones Secret Society)  which is the Biblical Global BEAST Empire.  It is the New World Order that many conspiracy theorists think they now about. 

There is a huge amount of disinformation about it, out there on the internet.  Sifting through it takes discernment and Wisdom.  You cannot let disinformers and Occultists who are really working for the other side, and the overthrow of Christianity and Judaism, to deceive you.  But those who are not In CHRIST, will be deceived, and they will suffer for rejecting CHRIST, and not taking HIS SIDE, when given the chance.  This is WAR. Spiritual WARFARE!

Angels are fighting right now against demonic fallen angels for the souls of mankind.  We must take up our armour and weapons and enter the battlefield or else we will be considered as AWOL soldiers without a commander and a "spiritual country".  The Commander is JESUS, and those who follow HIM know His Voice.  Those who do not know HIM, will be deceived by another-possibly pretending to be Him. A FALSE MESSIAH-PROPHET.

For more information on the REAL Coming Global Beast Empire which is prophesied to come, only the BIBLE gives us the True nature of its being, so refer to that FIRST before taking in info from other sources.  Only listen to speakers who are Christians-who believe in the WORD of GOD, which is the TRUTH of the BIBLE, and also is JESUS Name.  Other speakers (non Christian) are mostly out to deceive or are deceived themselves,  For without GOD's Wisdom and discernment, given by the Holy Spirit, only false or inaccurate information will be given.  And errors will be made- a spirit of Error will be in play.

So to conclude this explanation about what is on our doorstep, I urge you to look into prophecy a lot more, and ask GOD for The Truth regarding what is coming.  And see if there is anything He wants you to do, or even just to say, to others in the Body of Christ, and outside the church.

For the elderly and sick and lame, they should not fear, for GOD will take care of you, but do note, that you have to sensitive to His VOICE, and Obedient when He tells you to Run to the hills, or Flee to the Desert, or even to Egypt, like Joseph and Mary.  We must be guided by HIM, not our own ideas, wishful thinking (like the poor Jews who tried to wish the bad thoughts away) and reasoning, or we will get into trouble, and fall foul of the enemies traps.  so WALKING WITH GOD IS VITAL AND OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE, IN ORDER TO SURVIVE.

For those who are sceptical, I would only urge you to keep an open mind; hope for the best-which is that we will escape it, but PREPARE FOR THE WORST,  just in case we will not.

I do believe that there are Two Wraths:

1.The Wrath of Satan ("knowing he has only a short time" Revelations :  )

and the

2.WRATH OF GOD (which is against all who take the Mark of The Beast)

-which the BIBLE tells us, is so bad and anti-GOD, that it deserves being thrown into the Lake of Fire, which is the second death that lasts for eternity (Hell!). 


Anyway, to conclude, this Project Maccabees is a Secret Project. Like the movie Terminator, "there is a storm coming".  And there will be a resistance leadership (leaders), and a global empire to fight against.  It is a battle for survival of those who follow GOD.  For everyone else, it means taking the Mark of the Beast, or die unsaved.  Will you be on the right side?

Will you be on the right team?  Because the team players are being picked NOW.  This is not a game, this is REAL, and it's for YOUR LIFE and SOUL, and the souls of others, whom YOU MIGHT SAVE, if you become born again, get saved and therefore pledge your allegiance to the side of GOOD, over Evil, by joining CHRIST' army- allying yourself to GOD, committing yourself and your life to HIM. 

This means following Him and His ways, and standing in place of, watching over, encouraging, praying for and supporting others who may be too weak in faith, or in body, to resist.

Are you a Joseph or an Elijah, ?

Are you a Maccabean Warrior?

For a look into how things might play out in the future, stay posted to this website, read my novels, watch my movie trailer and short films, which will be uploaded shortly to this website and youtube.

Stay Awake Brothers and Sisters, and Keep Watch, Be Sober and Vigilant.

Love and Peace,