To fund this website and build a large supply of stock which can be purchased easily or given freely to those who cannot pay, to save lives and ease the suffering of those who are chronically sick or diagnosed with terminal illness.

At the same time I hope to achieve other goals which will help people in different ways, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. The idea of this website is to address Healing in all areas of peoples being, but without leading people into New Age Occult alternative medicine. In the end I believe that if anybody's life can be saved, or even extended, and suffering can be eased with the quality of life made considerably better, then I will have achieved what I set out to do. Thanks to many advances in science and knowledge, there haver been many groundbreaking developments in curing many illnesses.  Chronic and terminal.  But because the medical industry is not succeeding in exploring these areas that are making new discoveries in the scientific community, despite decades of research and billions spent, people are dying needlessly. 


This is largely due to the fact that large pharmaceutical companies are hindering the doctors and medical trusts from saving lives.  Unless these corporations can secure their future profits they will destroy any real cure before it gets going or hinder it and anybody, unless they can buy or steal the patent.  Business comes first, not the survival of the suffering, in their eyes.  Understandably they have companies that will lose profits, and may go out of business eventually if cures were "found" (discovered by the public).  For this reason, no one must ever find a "cure", or their companies will eventually go under.  

For them, the main strategy is to buy or steal the patent on any promising cure, then either make money from it, or prevent others from duplicating it in other countries to save lives, or to destroy it!  

Or failing this, to destroy its credibility as a real cure, using clever disinformation, anti-marketing and propaganda, via the media (TV, newspapers, and news in  scientific publications/internet, etc.)  This is why a "cure" for cancer, has allegedly never been found. 

 But...The truth is, that their are many cures out there-which are suppressed by these companies and the organisations they pay off to keep quiet about it, or do their bidding to silence real caring scientists and doctors who want to treat their patients with these powerful cures. 

For this reason, I have decided to embark on a journey of discovery:  Find these cures.  The REAL ONES that Work.  And spread the news.  But I need help to do this. To unite with others who feel the same way.  To prevent unneccesary suffering and deaths of thousands.

I hope you will support me in my endeavour to save lives and give hope to those who have none, or at least comfort those who are in pain, whatever the kind.

Key Responsibilities

To inform the general public that there are cures for fatal diseases out there.

To produce films, video, documentaries and music that inform as well as inspire hope, and maybe even entertain.

To warn the potentially oppressed and potential victims of the coming global world order.

To gather evidence to demonstrate that all is not as it seems and educate potential victims.

To raise funds to help charities, missionaries and aid workers to help the less fortunate and oppressed.

To find answers and solutions for economic and social problems as well as health issues.

To create innovative methods of generating business to make an impact financially for the benefit of the sick and poor.

To spread the Good News that JESUS CHRIST has SAVED US and Delivered us from the works of the devil-which includes disease and sickness.

To find and teach methods of self help and confidence building, counselling and guidance. To ultimately GIVE HOPE to those who HAVE NONE.



If you are moved by the suffering of others and have experienced loss of loved ones or loss of quality of life due to illness, then you may want to join in the fight against needless suffering and help search for permanent cures for severe illnesses. There are many ways in which we can join in battle against the illnesses that make life difficult. Click on the above title to find out how.