The Secret Society of Babylonian Priests.



History of The Babylonian Priesthood:

Before the flood, certain knowledge had been gathered together. This mostly involved witchcraft, sorcery, and other occult sciences.  The Nephilim were mostly wiped out. (half human/half angel beings).  But their spirits were not human nor angelic.  These became the Djinn, or demons of the lower level. (lower than the fallen angels (their fathers).  They and these angels continued after the flood to attempt to mate with humans. (The Bible says that "there were Nephilim in those days, and even afterwards."  These Giants became the rulers and leaders of the human race, and appointed humans to govern the worship of the fallen angels and their offspring.  Later humans with their blood were still worshipped and made as kings.  This is the meaning of the "divine right to rule".  These offspring of the Serpent were then called the Serpent People.  The Serpent being Satan.

The word for Serpent in Greek is Draco, where we get the word, Dragon.  This is different to snake, where this usually referred to as Asp (Egyptian word).  But later both snake and serpent became indistinguishable.  

The serpent was usually meant to refer to a large giant serpent (see Egyptian wall painting where large serpents are seen in the underworld with the gods/humans, and exceed 60ft long!

This worship of all things serpentine became the main religion of Egypt and other nations, and the fear they had for these creatures became a religion.  Combined with the Nephilim or Serpent people, they then formed a system of worship based on the different deities or beings they deemed fit for worship.

This varied from Nimrod, Bel, Isis, etc which according to Alexander Hislop, were the same gods (human deities), or demi gods, but with different names, once the Babel tower caused God to disperse them for their idolatry, by trying to build the Tower to reach heaven (to get into heaven allegedly).

These Babel religions codified their worship into systems that had levels of hidden knowledge that were then sought to be reached, to obtain this hidden knowledge (the deep secrets of Satan-see Revelations message to the churches).  Once Abraham was told by God to only worship him, these religions went underground and penetrated different countries via overt Idol worship.  Asherah, Baal, Dagon, Molech, and all the other abominations were spread via this priesthood or worshippers, who built temples in every country.  When the Hebrews came out of Egypt which was the main centre for the Egyptian version of the Babylonian Religion, they still had this idolatry in their hearts.

When the Israelites eventually came to Canaan, God ordered them to go on a campaign of war to wipe out all traces of the demonic religions that the people worshipped, and the people who worshipped them.  Their evils were so abhorrent to God, that he ordered even the children and women to be killed, as their sexual perversions, magic, sorcery, and demonic possessions and disgusting worship practices included everybody in those lands.

This caused those people who wanted to continue this demon worship to go underground and form secret societies to preserve their secret Babylonian and Egyptian Mystery religions.  The Jews who did not want to worship the True God, were the main vessel.  They developed ways to conceal their idolatry (see book of Ezekiel), and pretend they were outwardly worshipping GOD, but in fact were secretly worshipping the demonic gods of Babylon.  (sounds like George W Bush).

To that end, God sent the Israelites to cleanse the land to prepare it for their habitation, and made a covenant (Sinai) that they should obey His Laws and Commandments, else HE would cast them out of the land as they had cast the Canaanites out, for those same crimes.  In fact that's what happened, but God promised that one day they would return after they were cast out.  He exiled them twice.  Israel exile to Assyria, then Judah to  Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar).  It was here they learnt the Babylonian Priesthoods religions.

When King Cyrus of Persia invaded Babylon, and took over, God made him send the Jews back to the Land of Israel, but again and again, they sinned, through the religious idolatry  the could not give up.  So the war between God and his enemies-those who worship Satan has existed for a long time.  Only when Jesus came and defeated Satan  did things finally prepare the world for us all to be saved.  But the secret societies still practice the Mysteries of Babylon, perfected in Egypt, carried through history by the Idolatrous Jews, and non Jews pretending to be Jews.

The Bible teaches us that there is a war going on.  A war for the souls of mankind.  This war is being fought on earth.  But it is also being fought in the spiritual realm.  In fact the spirit realm influences what happens on earth.  The only way to offset this is through prayer to GOD.  I do not know why.  I do not understand the mechanics of it myself, but I cannot see how else the Power of Prayer can be explained, especially in light of the Biblical Daniel fasting and praying for 21 days, and getting no answer because the angel who was supposed to get to him, was busy fighting the devils fallen angels.   (see Book of Daniel).  And yet events changed as a result of prayers from a righteous man.  The angel told Daniel how  King Cyrus the Persian would give the order for the Israelites to return safely home and build the temple etc.  God revealed this to Daniel before it happened, and I wonder if Daniels prayers had something to do with this great news for the people of Israel, or if this was planned all before.  Maybe the angel that was delayed was only in charge of giving Daniel the info of events that that would already happen.  I  am not sure.

  My feeling is that Daniels prayers did have an effect and that Cyrus The Persian allowed them to return as the prophecies GOD gave Daniel would predict but the timing was maybe influenced by Daniel's intercessory prayer.  Maybe someone can check this out.  Anyway the reason I bring this up is to do with the WAR that is happening hear on earth, which tells us a little about what is being allowed in heaven/spirit realm, for certain prophecies to come true.  Unless you are a Christian, you will be totally lost on this, so I would recommend you read your Bible, and then come back and try to make sense of this a page.


The Hidden Agenda:

All secret societies have the Babel religion as their origin. (Hislop).  They all seek to bring in a  Babel world government.  This is what the Knights Templar, the Freemasons, Illuminati and all others are united in bringing about.  The World of the AntiChrist-AntiGOD.  A Secular World without God, but this will be overtaken by Satan's Ruler, the AntiChrist.  All things happening in the world today are working towards this Global Beast Empire (see Daniel 9,12) and Revelations chapters 12-19.

It is prophesied that a time of trouble where the Antichrist will kill all non conformers to his religion, will come soon.  The Great Tribulation, The Jews are particularly targeted, then the Christians.  Israel and the church will be persecuted by this evil demon possessed Hitler-type maniac who is filled with Satan's power. 

For more on this please Read your Bible, and see my website :Projects, for what we must do to prepare and survive this time of Trouble ahead.


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