If you are moved by the suffering of others and have experienced loss of loved ones or loss of quality of life due to illness, then you may want to join in the fight against needless suffering and help search for permanent cures for severe illnesses that may affect you or your loved ones-either now or in the possible future. There are many ways in which we can join in the battle against the illnesses that make life difficult.

Due to the attack on the health of the common people, by those who are in high up places, we have to arm ourselves with information to protect our health and the lives of our loved ones.  The passive murder carried out by the multinational corporations which earn billions each year from the untold suffering of millions, must be made public.  There are many others like myself, on the internet attempting to warn others and get people to WAKE UP!

This is a fight for our lives! And the lives of those we love.  WE must stand up and FIGHT.  We must unite and share information on the internet-joining website to website, and spread the GOOD NEWS that there are cures out there.  And all it takes is a little effort.  YOU can do this!

You're the person who can probably do more for others than the rest of the people you know.  Just by reading this you have proven that you have the heart and the passion to make a difference.  You have probably always wanted to do something heroic and benevolent, helping others, but you never had the chance or the time. Well, now is your chance, and now IS the Time.

We must not sit in silence.  People must not live in FEAR.  We must help the man/woman or child next to you.  We must FIGHT those who would and are oppressing thousands if not millions around the world and in this country. Those  who seek to destroy our health and ultimately kill us slowly.  We must find out THE TRUTH.  WE must not trust the Medical Industry, if they are sponsored by Pharmaceutical companies-(we must exercise caution).  WE can only trust independent scientists.  Not those funded by the Pharmaceutical companies. 

There are ways in which we can get help to those in need:

1)  Spiritual support-  Though many may not believe in GOD or JESUS. Find a church and ask to be prayed for  healing. Many non believers are HEALED and go on to help others be healed.  Emotionally or physically.

2) Find out which websites are not charlatan websites and spread the news by email or by word of mouth-even text, so EVERYBODY KNOWS about them.  Because everyone knows someone who has cancer, diabetes, or some critical or chronic illness.

3) Get to the library and Read up on books which are out there which are scientifically sound and do have evidence to cure diseases.  Such as "The Calcium Factor" by Robert Barefoot, and others.  Check the Christian channels on SKY TV, which are always interviewing prominent health experts and scientists with NEW breakthrough cures!

4) Print out your information and take it to those GOOD doctors who will listen and investigate it (open mind).  That way they can help all their patients and spread the good news.  Most doctors who care will be overjoyed that they can help cure or heal their patients.  And always give them good feedback, encouragement and support. because there are too many bad or careless and incompetent doctors out there.

5) Form a confederacy of GOOD People and websites. Clubs and Groups which are dedicated to helping people escape from suffering and be healed.

6)  There are more things we can do.  And any idea will be welcomed by all visitors to this website.  Please see the forum or chat room (when set up).

7) Pray-if you have faith, for the sick.  Visit them.  And devote at least 1 hour per week to helping the sick, because one day that might be you in need, and I believe that GOD will ensure you are rewarded for helping others.

8)  Tell others about this website and spread the word.


Keep up the good work and visit this website at least once every 2 weeks to see new developments.

I will try my best to keep up to date on the latest cures and therapeutic healing, but I cannot scour the entire internet or libraries alone.  So any of you who find anything promising and has evidence to back it up, feel free to share it on this website.  Email me or visit the chat room /forum when it is set up.

Good luck in your endeavours and GOD BLESS YOU in all your Noble works.