About Me:

My name is Daniel. I have been suffering from many illnesses over the last 22 years and in 2007, after suffering excruciating and agonising pain which turned out to be Diabetic Neuropathy, was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I have seen the way, people in my family and friends families have died in a degrading humiliating painful way in hospital because they went through the conventional route to treat their allegedly terminal illness. I am determined that the CURES that I found or that other researchers have found are not just made known to the public, but that access to these cures can be made as fast and easy as possible and at the minimum of cost. or even free for those who cannot afford it.  I do not intend to charge anyone.  I only ask that they donate something towards funding this ministry project to help others, and only if they get better and are cured.

My plan is to fund this website and build a large supply of stock which can be purchased easily or given freely to those who cannot pay, to save lives and ease the suffering of those who are chronically sick or diagnosed with terminal illness.

At the same time I hope to achieve other goals which will help people in different ways, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. The idea of this website is to address Healing in all areas of peoples lives and being, but without leading people into New Age Occult alternative medicine. In the end I believe that if anybody's life can be saved, or even extended, and suffering can be eased with the quality of life made considerably better, then I will have achieved what I set out to do. Because the medical industry is not interested in succeeding in finding cures, unless they are patented and sold by a pharmaceutical monopoly to make billions off of the suffering, misery and death of millions of people. The money they spend only develops partially successful drugs, despite decades of research and billions spent.  What is wrong?  Why has even one cure not been found, according to the medical industry? We shall go on a journey of discovery and find out from other researchers and insiders who work for the medical industry and find the truth. Is there more to this than we know?  Is there a conspiracy? This website hopes to answer that question, and many more.

I hope you will support me in my endeavour to save lives and give hope to those who have none, or at least comfort those who are in pain, whatever the kind.

I have tried to put some of my hobbies and interests on the website and the money will go back towards funding these projects, and supplies, as well as the ministry in general.  This is a new website and many things are not set up yet.  It is not really a profit focussed website, but more like a charity or trust fund-business for anthropological pursuits in the Biblical perspective of compassion and love towards others.

I hope you can help me and others to spread the good news.  That there is a cure out there.  And we can find it together.

God bless,